About h202

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I have read enough about it that I am willing to try it only makes sense that some of that extra oxygen will get into your blood, also it is said that it helps clear the lungs,even people with enphazyma find relief. What really got me interested again, was reading where Baylor U in Texas conducted experiments, with Intravenous use and were successful at clearing an artery. This was in the 1960′s , why it was not continued I don’t know dropped like everything else,when angioplasty, Cholesterol mania came along I guess.
I wish you would try something, since you are exercising again You know when to expect pain with certain level of exercise, try taking Oral h202 with water, and see if it makes any improvement as to the duration of the regimen.
That is take the h202 before you begin, 5 drops of 35% in a glass of water to start with.

Don’t expect a miracle but you should notice a difference. You know the formula I believe, 3 times a day as above then increase by one drop every day of so,on empty stomach, or 3 hrs after eating.
Again my thinking is ,if you can’t get more blood to the heart, you might get more available Oxygen into the blood that does get to the heart.

Are supporters of IV H202 claiming

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that it clears up arterial congestion, or can relieve angina is some other way?
If this is a realistic claim, it might be worth our while to travel to, and stay in an area where such a therapy would be administered for the time necessary to get results. I know I’d do it. I’m still planning to make a search for this therapy and therapists anywhere near Los Angeles, if they exist.
Los Angeles is something of a Mecca for alternative health movements and theories.
I’m considering re-visiting Guggulipid, from the Guggul plant, believed to reduce the unhealthy cholesterol fractions, LDL and triglycerides, and total cholesterol when too high, as well as increasing HDL, but the stuff is prohibitively expensive, and there’s no assurance it works. It usually costs about a buck a day.
There’s much controversy about the importance of these cholesterol fractions and numbers, and the manner in which they impact on our heart health.
I’ll have to search out information I have about another herb, recommended to me, by a reputable nutrition doctor, which she told me, might be effective against angina as treatment of bacterial contagions with Azithromycin 500mg or 250mg. There’s a lot out there for us, but what works for me may not work for someone else, and vice versa. You just have to keep looking.
I’ve gotten to exercising again, with increasing improvement, but still with much pain. As long as I’m willing to endure the pain, my walking tends to improve, and the pain eventually begins to subside. I’m going to try to get 45 minutes of moderately fast walking (about 3 mph), which my research seems to support doing about 5 days a week.
I’ve taken H202 orally, but suspect that IV treatments would be far more powerful and effective.

Great experiment

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I once tried taking in oxygen from a tank via a tube to my nasal passages, as I was exercising on a rower. I didn’t experience any improvement. But I’m not sure I was doing this in the most effective way.
Let us know if you get results, and how you do it.

Oxygen and coronary artery blocks

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Angina pain occurs because the coronary artery ,one or more are blocked. Limiting the amount of blood that can pass through to the heart and limiting the amount of Oxygen the heart receives.

Since we cannot force more blood through the blocked artery, can we put more Oxygen in the Blood that does get through and accomplish to some degree the same thing.

I am experimenting with this now, and I think it works.

You just explained a symptom I had recently

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the ramping “T” effect. However my “T” was so low at one point that the internist I see said that it was the lowest he had ever seen. My TSH and LH were sky high but came down after I was on testosterone for a while. The endocrinologist said I had Testicular failure. The urologist I see says that there is strong evidence that Testosterone protects the prostate from BPH however I read it increases the level of cancer I wonder if any of them know what is going on but, I am hypogonadal and most would defend HRT as a problem in such case. I really wonder.

Anyway you are correct that depression takes a toll. I would argue though that the effect is loss of sensation and without sensation it is very boring and hard to maintain an erection. Plus there is the loss of complete emotional feeling in deep depression. Though some would argue that depression heightens emotion the medical community defines it as loss of emotion due to loss of neurotransmitters Serotonin, and nor-ephinephrine which are also conductors in sexual nerves as well. I can’t say I understand it but, I understand it’s effect.

I believe the biggest contributor to my ED is my blood pressure med. Generic viagra 100mg I have discovered that if I don’t take it I can get a full erection and maintain it. However, there is no avoiding it, it is the only BP med that I have ever taken that worked with no other side effect I can identify otherwise. I don’t have extremely high pressure as that goes, only systolic is high. It normally runs 120-130/100. All of the heart and BP studies indicate I have a heart electrical anomaly that prevents my heart from recoiling completely between beats. I also have a long family history of heart failure so not taking it is not an option. Another complicating factor is that I have migraines and all of the orals effect them.

I am learning to live with less sex. When I want it a small injection of papaverine does wonders. Unless I have let myself go into severe depression which will always cause me intense problems all around. I think that any one who tries to deal depression themselves is foolish.
I thought for years that I could deal with it and it was somehow weakness to see a psychiatrist. In retrospect I wish I had seen one thirty years ago. I would probably have saved myself a lot of grief.

Interesting discussion

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I would say my ED has impacted our marriage, but we still enjoy sex, injections mostly. My wife is also 62, and she still very much enjoys sex, but not pushy since she knows the surgery and the impotence have been very upsetting to me emotionally.
We have sex less often, but for rehab, and pleasure purposes, I mast daily, and I”m able to get off on my own much easier than I do with her. I think this is not unusual, and she accepts it, I am able to get her off many times. My wife is not real aggressive sexually, and i’m still fucking her some, so I”m not sure how she’d feel if she lost sex all together. I guess it depends on the woman. I know a cousin whose wife thinks sexual dysfunction happens for a good reason, she is happy if it stops. Not me.

I haven’t ever head of this

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I know a man can have stones in the prostate gland but I’ve been told they never come out.  I’m thinking a good urologist should be able to give you some insight to what’s going on or if he doesn’t know do some research to find out more and help you with your problem.

Anybody know about this?

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tadalafil-20mg-bestHi, I’m a new on this blog and I’m 58, and have had ED and Impotence for many years, but I still try, although 99% of the time I don’t ever get to ejaculate.Now tadalafil 20mg pills, generic cialis are best for me, also a few years ago I used viagra. I usually can get to the pre-cum stage, and it seems like it’s right around then that I get these small, dark particles coming out of my penis. They feel hard, except for a mucous-like coating. The color is dark red/brown.
I’ve told my primary care doctor about this=no comment
I’ve told my new urologist twice=no comment
I searched the net, but only found mention of light yellow colored cysts that don’t seem to match my condition

My question is= is there anybody on this blog\forum who has had anything similar to (or heard of anything) like these dark particles I’m getting?

Maybe I’ll get this urologist’s attention when I tell him I’m switching to a different urologist.
Thanks, Mike.

After the prostate is removed

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you will still be able to climax but your orgasm will be dry. It will feel just as good according to what everyone tells me. Some men are able to get erections post op by using pills (but not too many work) others use a VED (Vacuum Erection Device) which works pretty well. Google Osbon, Rejoyn etc for more info. I think you might also want to Google Trimix (Injections) and of course the Penile Prosthesis surgery. There are two companies in the US that I know of that have these. They are Coloplast and AMS. These allow you to get erections when you want and for as long as you wish. I’ve been looking into this and almost everyone that I talk to says they wish they had done it sooner.

Anyway, do lots of reading and talk to your GP and or a Urologist / Surgeon and find out whats out there.

Prostate Cancer is NOT the end of your sex life.

Good luck!

Laser surgery

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I read about it on the computer while looking up the Brigham ans Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA (they treat men, too) They seem to have a major urology department and are a prize-winning hospital, too. They have a robotically controlled Prostate Vaporization treatment, which is supposed to use lasers and be very precise. It’s used in nerve-sparing prostate treatment. They deal with a lot of other urology/prostate subjects, like arterial blood flow to the penis, venous leak detection, nerve diagnosis of the penis.

I read that they have some kind of new “fabric” that they can wrap into tiny tube shapes, and put one end of a broken nerve in one end, and the same with the other end, and the “fabric” induces the nerves to grow and re-attach. They’re working on a “fake penis”, too. It seems to be quite the place to go. I intend to go there at some point. (I wish they’d make a fake prostate gland that was installable) That sounds like a good idea to me.
By the way, thanks for your comments. They are appreciated.

A few years ago I was participating in

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a phase III drug trial, finasteride 5mg and during one of their examinations they found that I had an abdominal aortic aneurysm. They found it while doing a sonogram of my abdomen. I went to the Vascular Clinic of my hospital and they scheduled me for surgery. That was before they had stents they could use to repair the problem so it required major surgery which was just as big a problem as was my bypass surgery. The surgery went well and they installed a goretex graph inside the aorta to reinforce the place that was weakened. Since the surgery, I have never had any problem with it.

However, if it had not been repaired it probably would have ruptured at some point and I would have died before I could have reached the emergency room.

I will not argue the value of nutritional therapy

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for any disease or overall health. However an Aneurysm in the Aorta, is life threatening on a major scale this is no time to begin a cure based on Vitamins and Minerals,and Diet which takes a great deal of time to work or help.
Of course I urge anyone not taking Vitamin and minerals at optimal levels to do so but in this case she needs a Medical Specialist.

Hey guys, thanks for the replies.

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I’ve been a bit busy and neglected to respond for a while. Sorry. Well, I went ahead and ordered BOTH the Actis band and the erecxel ring from some website (nfsno.org canadian pharmacy no rx) that happened to sell each one, saving on the shipping costs. This may just be my experience, but the Actis was pretty much a waste of money. It doesn’t really do much to help my erection, it’s bulky and uncomfortable, and too often if slides off or loosens. I do not recommend Actis band from my experiences. Erecxel, on the other hand, works better than any other ring I’ve tried out. It isn’t a miracle product that cures ed or anything, but it’s fairly easy to use and increases and maintains a bit of hardness to that guy downstairs. It took me a session or two to break it in, but has worked nicely since then. I DO recommend the Erecxel cock ring. I’m not anyway affiliated with either one of these products or companies; just giving an honest customer’s review of them.

To start with..

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I am now 41 and I have always been very sexual…never had a problem with erections or anything. Used to have them constantly and could orgasm a few times a day. I wound up getting married 11 years ago to a woman that had liked sex while we were going out and living together but the old saying about “when you say ‘I do’, they don’t” is too true in this case. Throughout the years she would constantly turn me down and always have some sort of weak excuse and I wound up having to literally take matters into my own hands in order to get any type of satisfaction. Whenever I discussed this with her (or tried to) I would hear how it is my problem to deal with. She doesn’t like sex as much as I do and I’m weird for wanting it once a week or more. She put it all on me and said I should just learn to deal with it. So I was supposed to accept that sex 4 or 5 times a year would be enough. At 30 years old, this was just not acceptable and still isn’t….I’m older…not dead.

As time went by, she packed on the pounds and finally (about 2 years ago) it all got to the point where I decided that I am tired of being turned down and told that it’s my problem and the weight…I’m not talking a little extra…I’m talking 350 pounds….the weight became a turn off for me on top of everything else. I finally decided I was done even trying with her and I told her so.

Anyway…a few months after that, she tried it with me and I figured I would give it a shot…but I didn’t stay hard inside her and gave up. I assumed this was because of my mindset and the fact that she didn’t excite me or turn me on so I figured no problem. I was still able to get hard most of the time by myself and take care of things that way.

Anyway, to shorten this a little, over some time my erections started not being so hard all the time. When I would masturbate, it became more frequent that I could get hard, but couldn’t maintain it. I didn’t worry too much as I figured the home situation with my wife was affecting me adversely. I was a moderator on a message board and made some “friends” online. About a year ago, I became particularly close to this one woman and we talked a lot online and on the phone. We fell for each other over a long period of time. She was literally everything I looked for in a woman. She is beautiful, extremely sexy, smart, funny…suffice it to say she was everything I had wanted since I discovered women…and on top of that, she is 10 years younger than I am.

We wound up meeting for a weekend and we got along as well as we had thought we would…it was all very perfect…almost perfect…I couldn’t get hard for her at all…nothing…we did things and I satisfied her with other means and she liked it but she felt bad that she couldn’t make me hard. She was very understanding as well and it wasn’t much of a problem for her…but it was for me. Although I enjoyed what we did and in my mind, I was turned on like crazy, I was unable to get an erection and I feel like I let her down. We still talk and we plan on being together eventually when things come around for us. I have to finish my divorce and she needs to finish some schooling she is doing. We plan to meet again in a short time also…so things are still going well for us…but not for me.

When I try to masturbate now, more often than not, no matter how turned on I am, I wind up going soft as soon as I try to take care of it. Most of the time I can finish but it takes a lot and I am usually not all that hard. I can’t get hard by just looking at something or thinking about something and I need to actually have some stimulation to get an erection but it’s been this way for years and I always figured that just comes with getting older. I went to my doctor and talked about this a little and they agreed that my situation at home was the cause…but I left out the detail that I had met someone and it didn’t work for her as this doctor knows my wife too and I didn’t need to take any chances. The doctor gave me Cialis to try and it worked fine for me…It worked great in fact. However, this is not my solution as far as I am concerned. Sure, it’s a band-aid I suppose and I can use it when I meet this woman again but I know there is more to this problem as it has really happened over the last year and a half and seems to be getting worse. The wake up call was when I couldn’t get an erection when I was faced with the sexiest woman I have ever known…THAT scared me.
I have had tests for certain things over the last year and I am not diabetic so that is not an issue. High blood pressure is not an issue either. I could stand to lose a little weight but overall, I’m not fat. I’m a little out of shape but have been for years so that is nothing new. Could anyone guide me as to what may be wrong or what I could try or maybe what my next step should be? Any help in this would be greatly appreciated and I thank you all in advance for any help you can give me. I also apologize for this being so long but I thought I should give as much detail as possible.

Does this make sense?

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For those guys that are helped by VED, is your problem “INFLOW” problems?

I have venous leakage due to penile fibrosis (scar tissue) so i have an outflow problem. The VED doesn’t work…I can get hard with …the VED can get me close to 100% erect, but the minute it is taken away, i lose my erection…. With scar tissue, the penis doesn’t expand fully enough to trap the veins; the VED temporarily expands it fully , but the penis smooth muscles are not elastic and healthy, so the scar tissue just reverses any expansions the VED achieves. Does that make sense? Think of a baloon with elastic bands around it….

I think the distinction is ACHIEVING an erection (guys with INFLOW problems — heart disease, etc) and MAINTAINING an erection (guys with an OUTFLOW problem – scar tissue causing venous leakage). VED works best for guys with INFLOW problems, but is only marginally beneficially to guys with OUTFLOW problems.

Same with Injections — i know there are guys on this support blog are BIG SUPPORTS OF INJECTIONS…but they simply aren’t so effective on guys with OUTFLOW problems. Guys swear with injections they get erections lasting hours, hard as when they are teenagers. I”m SOOOOOO JEALOUS when I hear that…I’ve dont bimix, trimix, caverject, muse, VED, cockrings….these things just doesn’t help me MAINTAIN an erection because of the scar tissue.

Vacumn Pump Demo

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Not to long ago Solomes2 stated that he was going to get a vacumn pump and would perhaps give a demo. I am very interested in seeing him or someone do a demo of the vacumn pump. I have never used one and I feel that others would also like to see a demo on how it works. As an ED sufferer myself I would be interested in any and all options.

Effect of sustanon 250 injection

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Please advice me, what is the effect of taking Andriol 40mg or sustanon 250 on the testicales efficincey for producing testesterone, as i have low teststerone level which is affecting my penies eriction.